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The Mountain Goat Experience

A Dropbar Trailbike is a cyclocross or gravel (road geometry) bicycle with clearance for at least two inch tires.

In a sea of gravity assisted mountain boats, a Dropbar Trailbike is a practical setup for riding fast and nimble over all terrain. The Mountain Goat experience of riding singletrack on a Dropbar Trailbike is the feeling of flying from “on top” of your machine (rather than riding “inside” it) as well as being “connected” to every inch of the trail below (rather than sitting upright above it), while blazing at record speed, up, down, over, and around obstacles. This is the offroad riding experience like no other, that comes when a rider’s weight is balanced between the two wheels of a quick handling bicycle. It doesn’t need air time, big drops, or risky tricks to be exiting (but those can happen too). This is an overland experience, whose thrill continues far beyond the downhill parts. By its very nature of being agile and sporty, the fitness and fun are built into every ride.