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About Me

Manuel Mejia

I am an ex-roadie who still enjoys the power and speed of a road bike, but with even more exhilaration on the dirt. I am a Dropbar Trailbike rider, and this is my blog. I’m also a Fitness trainer and Body Awareness coach ( and a Designer and Developer of innovative products and fancy websites ( I’m generally a nice guy with a pretty intense love for life and living.

I currently reside in Urbana, Illinois, with my wife, our two pups, a kitty, and a horse. Before moving here, we were in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Portland, Oregon. All but the kitty enjoy a good trail ride together. In fact, its is in riding with the pups, that I first got turned on to getting my bike off the road. So, thank Dog for that!!


Whether you’re an industry professional, or a fellow dropbar enthusiast, we’d be delighted to hear from you.