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CategoryAdventure Stories from the Trail

Here I’ll post about the trails I’ve ridden on and the adventures I’ve had along the way.

Video: Down Pisgah Black Mountain Trail

Mountain Biking down Black Mountain Trail, in Pisgah National Forest, near Brevard, North Carolina, can only be so exciting from inside a full squish Mountain Boat. But get yourself atop a dropbar Mountain Goat Bike, and feel the thrill of power, agility and connection to the trail, as it carries you at speed up, over, and around obstacles of your choosing. Pick and choose your line, its all a fun ride when your on a Dropbar Trailbike.

Mountain Goat in a sea of Mountain Boats

In March of 2019, after five years of enjoying my souped up cyclocross bike on the singletrack trails, I found myself at the Sedona MTB Festival, completely saturated with full suspension mountain bikes. Seems like I was the only one there that actually preferred the bumpy stuff. This is the origin story of how a roadie came to love and excel at riding the trails in hyper road bike fashion. This is a cross cultural tale of following your passion, not being defined by the group you are in, and loving, without restraint, all those who surround you. It is while riding my drop bar trail bike that I discovered how to have kick ass fun and still be faster than everyone else.

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