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CategoryBuilding a Trailbike that Doesn’t Suck

Bike building tips and stories from my experience in breaking and repairing or replacing every piece of my own bike and others.

Anatomy of a Dropbar Trailbike

A Dropbar Trailbike is a Cyclocross or Gravel bicycle with clearance for at least two inch tires. This is not only a practical setup for all terrain riding at speed, but is also extremely fun, versatile, and safe. It rides both technical and flowy singletrack trails like a dream. This is a machine built for enjoying the mountain goat experience. Make no mistake, this is not a “do-it-all” “one-bike-for-everything” cross bike hybrid. Once you’ve dedicated to building out a Dropbar Trailbike, it will end up more and more specific for being a great offroad machine and less and less ideal for enjoying adventures on pavement. Read on to learn the basics of what makes a bombproof and super agile Dropbar Trailbike, which is a bike for ALL trails that rides like no other kind of mountain bike.

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