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Honest Reviews of Products I Have Used

I review products on this site that are uniquily suited to the niche of building and riding dropbar trail bikes. In this blog, I will happily write about comfortable amenities like super grippy and soft handlebar tape, nicely padded shorts and liners. I also report on various amenities for the bike, like various flared handlebars, saddles uniquely suited to trail riding from the drops, forks (rigid and soft) that don’t break or throw me off the bars, and tires tires tires that fit the typically narrow and niche size tolerance of cyclocross evolved bikes. Additionally, Im always excited to test and destroy a wide variety of frame bags. And of course, I’m always delighted to report on any frame builders latest creation, if one sees that it might be suitable for drop bar trail riding. Throw it all at me, and see what’s still working once I’m through. I only review what I have personally ridden and used for long enough to know its full worth to me and the readers of this blog. If you have a product or are interested in purchasing a product that you’d like to see reviewed on this site, please contact me using the form bellow.

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