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Occasionally, I make useful stuff. Mostly, I just make fun stuff. I design products that solve problems for and create community around the building and riding of drop bar trail bikes. I am also happy to sell other products here that serve the same need. You will find all of these such products listed for sale bellow. Please shop here. It’s how I make a living.

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If you are interested in riding your gravel or cyclocross bike on the singletrack trails, or already do so with some expertise, then I encourage you to join our team, meet others, and help us drop the word! By joining our team, you’re directly supporting our efforts to build community around this niche sport, and bring dropbar trailbiking back into the mainstream. Wear your riding jersey, slap your stickers, and drink your fluids in mountain goat style.

Thumbwheel Shifter for Rohloff Speedhub

The Thumbwheel Shifter is the only dropbar shifter for the Rohloff hub that can be operated from the drops, from behind the brake hoods, and even from the top of the handlebars. Preorder Now and save!